Tranfomation of old Bungalow, Middleton-in-Teesdale

There was quite a bit of work in the project at Middleton-in-Teesdale, We had 2 new extensions to build on either side of the existing bungalow with stone to match the existing.

The existing old slates were to be removed and re-slate with new slates we were using on the extension with also adding 2no doormar windows to the rear of the existing part of the bungalow.

The inside was totally gutted with the old ceiling joists replaced with new floor joists to make new rooms in the roof space.

H-and-M-Construction-Middleton-Bungalow-Transformation-03 H-and-M-Construction-Middleton-Bungalow-Transformation-09H-and-M-Construction-Middleton-Bungalow-Transformation-04 H-and-M-Construction-Middleton-Bungalow-Transformation-05 H-and-M-Construction-Middleton-Bungalow-Transformation-06 H-and-M-Construction-Middleton-Bungalow-Transformation-07 H-and-M-Construction-Middleton-Bungalow-Transformation-08 H-and-M-Construction-Middleton-Bungalow-Transformation-02